“Crypto- Fabrik Event”

CryptAM was pleased to be invited by our friends Crypto-Fabrik , a subsidiary of FinFabrik, to speak about the state and outlook of the Cryptocurrency market. Kevin Loo, Co-Founder of CryptAM, delivered remarks to highlight the opportunities and risks of the crypto markets. He commented on how both institutions and individuals are adopting blockchain related digital assets as an alternative, but still exotic, asset class but how there was still a long way for this strategic asset class to grow.
Both Dr. Florian Spiegl, of Crypto-Fabrik, and Kevin Loo highlighted that increased regulation is a positive thing for the asset class and will likely help speed up adoption.
Judging by the numerous questions asked during the meetup, the presenters were pleased to see the percentage of the audience is increasingly sophisticated and continuously conducting their own research into trusted providers.

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