Aiteina Mitchell

Senior Risk Analyst

As a Senior Analyst, Aiteina’s responsibilities involve developing quantitative strategies and monitoring risk.  

He began his career as a risk management associate at a financial derivatives broker and later worked as a risk management associate for MultiBank Group.  

Aiteina studied Computer Science and Business at the University of Warwick and graduated with First-Class Honours.  In his free time, he enjoys trading NFT’s and exploring the tokenomics, protocols, and unbounded innovation happening in the DeFi space.   

John is the Portfolio Manager for CryptAM and oversees our investment systems.  

John has six years of experience developing automated trading strategies, from research frameworks to executing the code. Prior to joining CryptAM in 2018, he worked as a high-frequency quantitative trader at Zenit Global Investments. He started his career as a data scientist for ClusterTech Ltd in Hong Kong, designing and implementing machine learning models for their clients.  

John received an MPhil in Physics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he published a research paper on Heavy Higgs Bosons.   


As CIO, Bipin oversees the systemization of the firm's research into trading strategies and manages the development of proprietary algorithmic models for portfolio management. 
He brings over 15 years of leadership experience in the financial markets and has been actively investing in the digital assets' ecosystem since 2015.

Before joining CryptAM in 2020, Bipin was the Chief Risk Officer for Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX). He started his career as a quantitative developer at Watermark Corporation, a fixed income arbitrage trading firm, he has provided his expertise as a risk specialist and quantitative advisor to Barclays, Deutsche, London Clearing House, and Tokyo Stock Exchange. He also has a diverse background in entrepreneurship founding two B2B businesses in Africa.

Having lived and worked in seven countries on four continents, Bipin has a passion for traveling and exploring cutting-edge technologies that further human progress. He believes that the advent of blockchain technologies and decentralization is a step toward the future.

Bipin studied Physics at McGill University and graduated with a master’s in Theoretical Physics from the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with Distinction in both levels of the CQF qualifications. Bipin continues to build on his skillset; he most recently completed a condensed course in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford.


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